The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attraction (DBCA) reports

Lake Kepwari

  • Construction of BBQ shelters in picnic areas and campground east is continuing. Concrete slabs will be completed at end of this week.
  • Five toilets have been completed. The sixth toilet in east side campsite is to commence in two weeks.
  • Campsite construction in the north end of campground east (recently handed back land) has commenced.
  • Walk trails in the campground east are under construction.
  • Quotes have been requested to reseal the remaining 2km of entry road.

Collie Scenic Drive

  • The tender for the next stage of sealing on Flora Road closes on Thursday 3 September. The contract should be awarded before the end of the month with works commencing in October.

Wellington National Park (WNP) Mountain Bike Trails

  • Prospective tenderer briefings have been completed for the WNP Mountain Bike Trails Stage 1 (Design and Construct) Tender. The tender closes on Friday 4 September 2020.
  • Field work has been completed for the remainder of the Aboriginal Heritage Survey with Gnarla Karla Boodja traditional owners. The final heritage survey report is pending.

Wellington Dam Precinct

  • The concept design for the kiosk expansion has been completed, and a quantity surveyor has been engaged to review the concept and provide an opinion of probable cost.
  • The final draft of road and expanded carpark design has been completed and is in final review, in preparation for tendering.
  • The concept design for mural staircases (to base of the dam) have been completed, and an engineer has been engaged to review concept.
  • European Heritage Survey of the precinct has been completed. The dam precinct is an existing registered heritage precinct and all works within require approval from the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH). DBCA are continually liaising with DPLH in developing proposed concepts and works.
  • DBCA are meeting with Water Corporation and Mural Coordinator Tuesday 1 September 2020 to liaise on works programs and timelines within the precinct.

Westralia Conservation Park Mountain Bike Trails

  • Dieback hygiene and Level 1 Flora Surveys have been completed.

Collie River Suspension Bridge

  • Prospective tenderer briefings are completed for the Collie River Suspension Bridge (Design and Construct). Tender closes on 10 September 2020.

Flora/Scenic Road Lookout

  • Engineers have been engaged to complete detailed engineering design for the lookout.

Wiilman Bilya Walk Trail

  • Field work completed for the remainder of the Aboriginal Heritage Survey with Gnarla Karla Boodja traditional owners. Final heritage survey report pending.