Collie Multipurpose Facility Project

  • Following the sod turn on 1 September, Perkins (WA) Pty Ltd was announced as the successful builder and has commenced work on the new DFES multipurpose facility (now known as the Koolinup Emergency Services Centre) on 10 September. Other key activities include:
  • conditional approval received from the WA Planning Commission to amalgamate the five lots at the site;
  • development of the Incident Control Centre activation plan;
  • approval of the Radio Communications Services Delivery Model;
  • consideration of applications for the Operational Research & Development (ORD) Support Officer temporary position;
  • completion of a number of engagement sessions with volunteer associations and regional leadership teams in relation to development of Emergency Driving Training; and
  • launch of the DFES Intranet site, providing project overview and important updates.