Refinery Freshwater and Catchment Lakes

At South32’s Worsley Alumina Refinery we have a freshwater lake (featured photo) located to the west of the Refinery that has a capacity of 6 gigalitres (GL) of water. Worsley’s freshwater lake overflows to the Augustus River, a tributary of the Brunswick River, which in turn flows into the Leschenault Estuary via the Collie River. Worsley is required to release water into the Augustus River from our freshwater lake during spring to help sustain the ecology downstream. The Refinery freshwater lake provides 2.6 GL of drinking and potable water annually for the employees at the Refinery. It is also used in our cooling tower, for water jetting and dust suppression, for fire-fighting purposes if needed and tops up our Refinery catchment lake. The Refinery catchment lake is located to the east of the Refinery and has a capacity of 9.5 GL. Annually, the Refinery requires around 13 GL of water to operate and through both the freshwater and catchment lakes we are typically self-sufficient when it comes to our water supply. In years of low rainfall and when our catchment lakes cannot supply the necessary water required to meet our production targets, Worsley has an agreement with Harvey Water to purchase and import water from Wellington Dam. This water is imported directly into our Refinery catchment lake because high salinity levels make it non-potable. In 2017, the construction of a pipeline from Wellington Dam to the Refinery was completed to ensure that the critical water supply to the Refinery is not at risk, especially during years of low rainfall. Since the pipeline was commissioned, Worsley has imported and purchased the following amounts of water from Wellington Dam. To continue reading click here.

For more information please contact South32 Worsley Alumina at worsleycommunity@south32.net