Solve your skills shortage

Struggling to find reliable and productive employees? Forrest Personnel can help.

We are a specialist recruitment agency that works to connect local businesses seeking staff with local job seekers who live with an injury, illness or disability.

Beyond the moral argument, there is a strong business case for starting your recruitment search within this pool of job seekers. Australian research has demonstrated that when compared to other employees, people who live with disability are:

  • equally productive
  • take 40% fewer absentee days
  • have 6 times fewer OH&S incidents
  • have 4 times fewer workers compensation claims
  • stay with employers for longer.

Building a workforce that includes our job seekers will also give you a valuable insight into the needs of 1 in 5 of your clients and customers that also lives with a disability.

Learn more about the benefits of hiring a person with an injury, illness or disability.

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