Any NBN related representations or complaints over the past 12 months

Mike Hendry has been appointed by Regional Development Australia South West to examine opportunities and challenges related to the NBN network in the Southwest of WA. This is a short, sharp project (3 months) to identify locations or communities where NBN technology improvements would bring the significant community and/or business benefits.

If you have any NBN related representations or complaints over the past 12 months, please contact the Chamber with the below information.


FULL Location of Service NBN Tech* Nature of Issue Resolution
ie: STREET ADDRESS Fixed Wireless Intermittent Service None


This useful information will be used to begin mapping areas of potential benefit. Mike Hendry will not be addressing the specific complaints but will use the locations to map issues. After gathering this information and mapping the likely areas of concern, he will commence on site visits (“ground truthing”) to confirm the data.

If you would like to contact him direct, please contact the Chamber for his details.