Go Kayaking at Minninup Pool

What better way to spend a beautiful spring day than a nice leisurely kayak at Minninup Pool.  It is really easy to launch the kayak and you can park the car fairly close to the water so you don’t have to carry the kayak very far and head off in either direction.

Down stream, (to your right) you can paddle for about 1.5 km before passing under the Griffin Bridge on Mungalup Rd and then continue for another 1 km until you come to a small dam. From here you will have to go back the way you came. There are several spots along the way, where you can stop for a swim or picnic.

Heading upstream (to your left) you can paddle for about 5 km before coming to another small dam.

Don’t have a kayak?  Contact TraaVerse who can help you out with kayak hire.