Meet Rose Moyle

We are once again delighted to extend a warm welcome to Rose Moyle, who will be serving again as a judge for the 2024 South32 Collie Business Awards.

Rose Moyle, a seasoned accountant with extensive experience in finance, brings a unique blend of professional prowess and community dedication to her judging role. With many years in financial roles and as a business owner, Rose offers a nuanced understanding of commerce.

As Secretary of the Manjimup Chamber of Commerce, Rose contributed significantly to local business initiatives. Her long-standing involvement in the Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival and key roles in the Manjimup Speedway Club and Rotary Club underline her commitment to community service.

Rose’s expertise in finance, coupled with her community engagement, makes her a valuable asset in the judiciary, embodying a well-rounded perspective that enriches her approach to legal matters.