International Graphite Business Connections

The Collie Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) is thrilled to announce the successful completion of yet another highly informative Business Connections event. Supported by Workforce Australia Local Jobs South West on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, and hosted by International Graphite, the event brought together a diverse group of local businesses at the vibrant new International Graphite pilot production facility.

The primary focus of this engaging event was to foster dynamic leadership and support the growth of small businesses within our thriving community. The CCCI aimed to provide an interactive platform for constructive discussions and knowledge sharing, which was achieved through the participation of esteemed special guests from International Graphite and Green Steel WA.

International Graphite Chief Financial Officer Robert Hodby said, “The event was a valuable opportunity to meet the many dynamic and progressive businesses that are operating from Collie and to explore the opportunities we have to work together in the future.”

Tara van Beuningen, Chief Executive Officer of CCCI, expressed her gratitude to International Graphite for their significant contribution to the event’s success. “We are thrilled to have had International Graphite and Green Steel WA as key partners for our Business Connections event,” she said. “Their participation highlighted the innovative spirit and potential for growth within our business community.”

The event provided attendees with a unique opportunity to explore International Graphite’s progress and learn about the promising future of the Green Steel WA project.

Workforce Australia, Australian Government Employment Facilitator, Tanya Scudamore said “The Business Connection events funded through our Local Initiatives Fund have demonstrated the importance of bringing people together for a common goal. The vibrancy and positivity of the local business community was evident. I look forward to being involved again in future events.”

The CCCI encourages individuals and organisations to join us in future Business Connection events. These gatherings are more than opportunities to learn and network; they are vital contributions to Collie’s economic expansion. By participating, you actively engage in the latest developments, establish meaningful connections, and contribute to the collective prosperity of Collie.

For further information or inquiries about this event and other upcoming activities, please contact the Collie Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. via email at or by calling 08 9734 4817.

About Collie Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI)

The Collie Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) is a proactive and vibrant organisation dedicated to promoting business excellence, community growth, and economic prosperity in Collie. With a mission to foster a supportive and thriving business ecosystem, CCCI consistently initiates events and programs that empower local businesses and individuals to achieve their full potential.